August 8th, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

 If I drew a bunch of ears, or eyes, or mouths, etc…they may be able to function as that particular thing, but not as a body.

You could function as a particular grade, but as we see, the youth group is not fully the youth group if people are missing. Each of us come together to make Calvary Baptist’s youth group. Tonight we are going to talk about how each of you are essential to the body of Christ, whether you are an eye, or a thumb nail.

·         Read the scripture

Head: (12:12-14)

·         Each one of us, that has been saved belong to the body of Christ. Each one of you that has been baptized and gone through membership classes belongs to this local body of Christ.

·         Verse 12 mentions that there are many members within the body, but all come together as individuals to create the body of Christ.

o   You are Unique

§  Each one of you is unique in how God created you to be. Each one of you has specific talents and gifts that others may not have. When we use these God given talents and gifts together, that allows us to be an effective body. We may have different functions, like an eye and an ear, but we come together in unity to effectively serve Christ.

o   We are all equal in the body

§  According to Paul, there is no distinction between gender, race, social class, etc. we can all serve Christ within the body because we are all His children, if we have trusted Christ as our savior.

o   “We were all made to drink of one Spirit.”

§  Interesting phrase…

·         When the Holy Spirit indwells within us, it is as if we are drinking Him in.

·         He becomes intertwined with our entire being.

·         When we become part of the body of Christ, we receive a new Spiritual DNA. This DNA is in every part of our body, not just the important parts. It is from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet. The Holy Spirit is the one who interprets this DNA and tells us how to live and act like Christ.

Shoulders: (12:15-16)

·         What Paul is addressing here is that some people in the church felt like they were insignificant because they were gifted with the popular or attention grabbing gifts. They were not given the gifts of prophecy, or tongues, or healing, miracles…So, they felt that because their gift wasn’t flashy, it was less important, which made them feel less important. They found their self-worth, or identity, not in Christ but in their abilities.

·         Let’s talk about some useless parts of the body

o   Wisdom Teeth

o   Auricular muscles (wiggle your ears, good for animals to rotate ears to hear sound…just a weird trick for us.)

o   Appendix…doesn’t even do anything anymore except try to kill us.

·         Sometimes we can feel like we serve no purpose in the body of Christ. We may not be strong enough, or knowledgeable enough, or can’t sing, afraid to speak to people, etc…we can come up with any excuse or reason to feel this way.

o   The difference is that unlike wisdom teeth, or body hair…or even our appendix, God is deliberate in placing us within the body of Christ.

o   The Greek word that is used for that is sunkerannumi- συγκεράννυμι

§  This means that it is mixed together, or blended. When you feel insignificant, remember that God has blended the body together. Like a master chef deliberately chooses one spice over another and knows to add a pinch of salt instead of a tablespoon, God has placed you here, deliberately, to be a part of this youth group and this body of Christ. When God blended this body, nothing was left out, and nothing was left to chance. Each of us is designed to function where we are (our position in the church) and how we should (our talents, gifts, etc.)

Knees: 17-18

·         17 First of all, if the whole body were an eye, we would look like this guy…

o   Mike Wizowski.

·         Paul uses a little sarcasm here to respond to the church of Corinth. Basically he is saying, if everyone were an eye, great! We could see everything but we couldn’t hear anything. And, if everyone were ears, we could hear everything but we couldn’t smell anything.

·         18- Paul reminds this church that God is the one that set the body the way it was, this Greek term for blending together. Each one of them were made uniquely in God’s image, to achieve the task that He has called them individually to do, so that the entire body can achieve the task that it was created to do.

o    When we fulfill the individual calling on our life, the entire body does what Christ has called us to do. By accomplishing His will using the talents and gifts that God gave us, we can thrive and grow as a body.

o   But, when we take the attitude that we are insignificant and are not important, we sever ourselves from the body of Christ.

§  If you cut off a body part, it dies. Same with you or me. If we choose to reject what God has called us to do because we don’t think we are important, we are doing two things:

·         We are showing that we do not trust God and His calling on our lives

·         We are harming ourselves, and the entire church.

o   Missing a body part, we do not function as well as we could

o   When the church is missing you, it cannot function as well as it should.

o    “As it hath pleased Him” (KJV)

§  God takes pleasure in our assignment within the body. He chose you to do what  only you can do. If our calling in life is to please Him, then why wouldn’t we be overjoyed with the fact that when we do what He has called us to, we are pleasing Him?

§  The opposite of pleasing, is displeasing. By complaining that we are not the eye, or the ear, or the nose, we are rejecting God’s call and saying   

Toes: 19-20

·         If all were a single member. If we were all like Mike Wazowski, then we would not be able to function as the body of Christ. We would see a lot but we would miss so much by not being able to hear, or smell or anything else. If all of us were just singers, when would there be any preaching, or teaching. If all of us were just preachers, when would there be ministry done?

·         I’ve experienced men who were great preachers, but had terrible people skills. They can rightly divide the word, but can’t figure out how to show compassion to others.

o   The body of Christ is unique in that it takes all of us, as uniquely different as we are, and God blends us together to make us into something beautiful, something that brings Him pleasure and something that can genuinely change the world the way that He has intended.

·         So, no matter if you are an

o   extrovert, and introvert, or a combination of both,

o   a speaker (mouth) or a listener (ear)

o   a prayer or a doer

o    a senior or a sixth grader

o   There is something that you can do in this youth ministry and in our church because if you are a child of God, you are a part of the body.