MOVE 2015

Where:  Macon Coliseum, Macon G.A.
Cost:  After Oct. 23 the rate increases to $80 Includes conference, hotel stay, 1 Dinner
Final deadline for payment in Dec. 16 
Chaperons are required to have a background check  
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What Is MOVE?

We live in an age when expectations for the next generation have never been lower. Culture

expects impulsiveness. Teachers expect laziness. Parents expect rebellion. And far too often, we

 - the church - expect nothing more than apathy.

MOVE Conference is all about breaking this trend. At the core, MOVE is a winter conference for 

students birthed out of a passion for seeing teenagers come to know Christ. We believe that

 when we lift high the name of Jesus, teenagers will desire to pursue him with an unquenchable 

passion. We exist to beckon the next generation into vibrant personal walks with Jesus that 

ignite an unstoppable movement in this world.

There is no denying that this world does not expect much from young people. But as Christians,

 we carry a nuclear Gospel - literally the power of God that brings salvation (Rom 1:16) - and 

even the lowest of expectations cannot hold back this Gospel from saving when proclaimed.

It is time to raise expectations. We can expect the unbelievable, because we believe in the 


Join us December 28-29 for #MOVE2015.