October 24, 2018: God is Patient

Youtube clip of Luke and Yoda  https://youtu.be/i3jI3RrMsVI

What is going on in this situation?

Why is Luke getting frustrated with who turns out to be Yoda?

How does his impatience blind him to the situation?

God’s character is revealed through actions. He demonstrates love by waiting on us and allowing us to recognize our need for forgiveness.  (We must recognize it because unless we do, we won’t appreciate it or understand it like we should.) God wants us to understand that even though we don’t deserve it, we have the opportunity, through Jesus’ death and resurrection, to seek and receive forgiveness.

Let’s look at Psalm 103

(1-2- Praise the Lord)

·         David spends time here speaking on the greatness of God.

·         Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me

o   To bless the Lord means to delight His heart by expressing love and gratitude for all He is and all He does.

o   True praise comes from a grateful heart.

o   All that is within me means everything, not just our actions but our motives, our thoughts, our emotions, our opinions…everything.

§  This also means that after the praise is over, we are obedient to where and what He has called us to.

·         Forget none of his benefits

·         Through these two verses, David is showing what proper awe and worship should look like.

·         All praise he gives to God and not to himself. He gives God all the credit for the good that is in his life.

 (3-5- What He does for us)

o   In verses 3-5, David lists what these benefits are. There are many…

§  Forgiveness of sin (twisted, and distorted)

§  recovery from sickness (if it’s His will),

§  deliverance from death (possibly physical and definitely spiritual)

§  Abundant lovingkindness

§  Mercy

§  Food to sustain life

(6-7- Righteous and Judge)

·         He performs righteous deeds

o   Delivered them from multiple enemies in their existence

·         Judgment for all who are oppressed. (This is in a positive light. Those that have been oppressed will be blessed

o   God got angry at injustice, and sin

o   The Israelites were prone to wander

o   But, we see that God forgave them, in His compassion. This doesn’t mean that there were never consequences, but that God restored that relationship.

·         He made himself known to Moses, to whom He gave His perfect law, and requirements. This was the standard that all people were to live up to.

o   Gave them guidance

o   When God discussed things with Moses, He told Moses why He was doing things, not just the what that He was doing.  

§  Moses was intimate with God,

·         (8- Compassion and Lovingkindness —Focus on this attribute.

o   God’s patience was not exhausted with the Israelites. What it did was pave the way for the ultimate showing of mercy, being the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

o   Compassion-

§  sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

o   Lovingkindness

o   God showed this concern for the suffering of the Israelites, even when they betrayed Him. The book of Judges is a reminder that God provided for them even when they turned their backs on Him.

o   The prophets were God showing His compassion and patience with the nation of Israel, warning of what was to come. Yet, they still ignored Him and destruction came.

o   The coming of Christ was yet another way that God showed his compassion and patience with Israel, and with all of us.

§  The compassion came through the fact that we are all condemned according to the law. We have all, even just once, sinned against God and deserve the consequences of that. Instead of just killing us as soon as we sin, God shows us compassion.

·         Just like the nation of Israel, He gives us time to repent, time to acknowledge our sin, and time to follow Him.

·         Sometimes we ignore this and continue living in opposition to what He desires, but when we stop and listen, and act, we can experience what the patience and compassion of God has for us.

·         Slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness

o   How many of us are slow to anger?

§  Depending on my mood, I can be quick to snap at someone and unfortunately it tends to be the people closest to me.

·         Imagine if every time we did something wrong, God snapped at us.

·         His patience is something that we will never be able to achieve.

o   Imagine being in Jesus’ position. You have all knowledge, power, etc…would you be able to remain silent, to keep the path, or would you have responded differently.

o   God’s patience is ridiculous. We mess up, people who are and aren’t Christians mess up, and yet God still allows us to continue. He gives us opportunities to repent and believe.

o   How many of us show lovingkindness to others?

§  God’s love and/or mercy towards humanity.

o   There are times that God does punish us for our sin, but it is never what we actually deserve. (verse 9-10)

§  Consequences are inevitable sometimes. But, we will never know on this side of Heaven how many things God has withheld from us because of His mercy.

·         That is something we need to consider.

·         Speaking of considering…

o   Like Israel, it is very easy to forget what God has done for us. It is easy to forget how God has showed His patience, His mercy/compassion to us.

§  We see in scripture times that God tells the Israelites to set up memorials, reminders of how He had delivered them. I want to encourage you to do this.

·         1 Samuel 7:12

·         Joshua 4:4-7

·         Exodus 28:29

·         Exodus 39:6-7

§  There will be times in your life that you forget the lovingkindness and mercy of God. This is why we need to write down things. Keep a journal of the times that God has done something amazing in your life

·         Salvations and Baptisms for me. I keep a list of them in my Bible

·         Father than we can imagine (11-12)

o   As high as the heavens are above the earth, is His mercy for us.

o   As far as the east is from the west, has He removed our sins.

o   I know I say this a lot, but there is nothing that you can do that will make God love you any less than He does. He paid the price that only He could pay so that the relationship that you desperately need could be restored. He took that first step and desires that you take the next step.

§  He is waiting for you to surrender to Him, and accept Him as Lord and Savior.

§  Vs. 17 states that the lovingkindness of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him.