July 26, 2017

Romans 12:9-21 How a Christian Should Serve

Personal 9

·         Love without hypocrisy (Don’t pretend to love people)

·         Hate evil, cling to what is good

o   Hate- Intense or passionate dislike

o   Cling- hold onto tightly

Family 10- 13

·         Love with genuine affection (be devoted to one another)

·         Give preference to one another in honor

·         Don’t be lazy, work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically

·         Rejoice in hope, patient in trouble and keep praying

·         Be ready to help believers who are in need. Be hospitable (Showing the love of Christ with enthusiasm.)

Duty to Others 14-16

·         Love your enemies. Pray for God to bless them

·         Show empathy to the people around you. (Happy with them, sad with them regardless of your own situation.)

·         Don’t be arrogant towards the people around you. Treat them as equals

Duty to our enemies 17-21

·         Don’ take revenge. Always do what is right, no matter what (17 and 19)

o   It is God’s place to seek revenge, righteously.

o   If we react out of anger it hurts our witness and could cause us to be in a terrible situation.

·         If possible, live at peace with everyone.

·         If your enemy is hungry, feed them. If they are thirsty, give them drink.

o   By showing our enemies love it will cause them to be ashamed for their hatred.

·         Don’t fight evil with more evil, but with good.